I was raised in oneness pentecostalism all my life, but because of what I believe was a gift from god, I was never able to believe in it, (my lack of a “belief gene”) I was able to more easily be pulled into the Catholic Church. I was received into the Church in 2007 and have been working out my salvation with fear and trembling ever since.

I will write more on my experiences growing up, and on my conversion and RCIA classes in a wonderfully orthodox parish, but this blog is for me to put my own thoughts into words as I try to make that last hurdle into full faith. Catholicism is true, but my heart finds it harder to believe than my head, and I always need that something extra to push me forward in the faith. I hope to do that here. I might also post some humorous things too, to keep things lively!

Any feedback would be graciously accepted, though I reserve the right to repost flames with mockery attached.

Pax Christi!


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